Creative Arts

Diversification, Lockdown Lesson to The EA Music Industry.

When talking about the music industry in anyplace, what comes to mind is the glamour, fame, and wealth that comes with it. Because of this, many people are trying to make it in the industry. Who wouldn’t? I wish, I was amusician. Luxury cars, mansions, fine dining, fashion trends, the spotlight. It’s a dream for […]

Travel & Adventure

Street Food: “We don’t wear Rolex, we eat them.” – A Ugandan Proverb.

As you walk along the streets of any place in Uganda. one thing that stands out is the Rolex stalls, with high raised charcoal stoves and fire burning. With someone flipping chappatis on the frypan while the other is chopping veggies and whisking eggs to be fried. The fried eggs and veggies are then rolled […]