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Exploreea brings you a blend of stories and news from the East African region. But in order to do this, we need great writers and storytellers to share their content. Writer’s like you.


What we’re looking for:
You might ask yourself what to write about. Below you can find our interests;
• Lifestyle. Are you from East Africa? or have you been to the region? Tell us about the way people live, in the different parts. Tell us about the culture, food, fashion, and more….
• Creative Arts. Do you create? Or do you consume the arts? Then tell us about the arts from the region. Music, movies, paintings, poetry, comedy you name it.
• Technology. Have a story about a tech innovation or invention that is solving problems faced by people in the region, share it with us.
• Events. Hosting or attending an event within the East African region? Do you feel it is of great benefit, value, and entertainment to others? Share it with us.
• Travel. Have you traveled to East Africa? Share with us about your adventure. We want to know it all, the places, cost, fun moments, downside, and tips for future travelers.

What you need to write for us:
We don’t need you to have any professional experience, skills, or resumes, what we are interested in is the story.
All you need is to pick up that pen, paper, or pc and tell us that amazing story.

How to submit your article:
When your story is ready, submit it to with the subject “Exploreea Contributor”
You will hear back from us within one business day if your article will be published.
We look forward to working with you!